Introduction: Virtue Spire Battery Replacement

The Virtue Spire is a paintball loader for paintball markers. They are used to feed paintballs into a paintball marker with incredible speed, sometimes reaching over 20 balls a second. Often times the user will need to replace the batteries every few months and this step by step instruction is here to help them.

Step 1:

Remove your Virtue Spire hopper from your paintball gun, unclasp your feed neck if you need to.

Step 2:

Once the hopper is removed from the paintball gun, put the paintball gun aside.

Step 3:

Make sure your hopper is turned off (see screen shot for location of On/Off button.

Step 4:

Slide the Lock/Unlock switch on the back of the hopper to the Unlock position.

Step 5:

While pushing in on the Lock/Unlock button, gently grab the sides of the translucent lid, and lift it upwards.

Step 6:

Once the lid has been lifted off of the hopper, you will see the white tray inside the hopper.


Step 7:

As you look at the white tray, you will notice a black tab that has an error pointing toward the propeller. Slide this tab in the direct that it is pointing and gently lift up the tray.

Step 8:

Once you have removed the tray from the hopper, set the hopper aside.

Step 9:

You can now flip over the white tray onto its backside.

Step 10:

You will now see the three (3) Double-AA batteries secured by Velcro.

Step 11:

Detach the Velcro and carefully remove the three batteries.

Step 12:

Once you have removed the batteries, insert three brand new batteries into the battery tray.

IMPORTANT: Make note of the directions the batteries will need to be placed. There are (+) and (-) indicators on the battery tray.

Step 13:

Once the batteries are placed correctly in the tray, secure the batteries with the Velcro straps.

Step 14:

After you’ve secured the batteries with the Velcro, you can turn the tray over to the front side.

Step 15:

Take the hopper body in one hand, with your other hand, grab the white tray by the propeller. Carefully slide the tray into the hopper body. You will want to accomplish this by inserting the tray at an angle into the body.

Step 16:

Once the tray is in the body, gently push down on the black tab with the arrow on it. The tray should snap into place.

Step 17:

Take the hopper lid in one hand, and the hopper body in the other. The hopper body has a slot that will allow the lid to slide into place (Located on the top portion of the hopper where it meets the lid.

Step 18:

Once the lid and hopper body are lined up, gently press down on the lid, and it should snap into place with the hopper body.

Step 19:

Slide the Lock/Unlock button down into the Lock position.

Step 20:

Press the Power button to test the functionality.