Introduction: Vision Protection Phone Stand

This phone stabler will remind the users when to stop using their device and rest for a certain period of time. This stabler will use both sound effects and lightings to catch the user's attention. For the initial code, I set the using time to 30 minutes and the resting time to 10 minutes.

Studies have shown the best resting time for the eye is to rest for 10 minutes every 40-50 minutes, the younger you are, the longer the resting time should be. Since I'm a teenager, I believe the resting time should be 10 minutes for every 30 minutes of using.


Arduino UNO


LED light bulb of random color x 6

Male to Female Long cable x 12

Speaker x 1

Short cable x 7

Resister x 6 (depend on how bright you want the LED to be and choose weaker or stronger resistor)

Phone stabler of your choice

Sticky Clay

Step 1: Arrange the Lights and Speakers

Note on picture: black cable represent the cables connecting positive sides, green for negative.

As shown on the picture, connect each LED light bulbs to the breadboard.

The long cable from the shorter leg of each LED should be aligned vertically with a resistor which connects to the negative row.

The long cable from the longer leg of each LED should connect to different digital PWM.

Then from the negative row on the breadboard, insert a cable connecting it to a GND on the opposite side of the digital PWM.

Repeat for the six LED light bulbs.

For the speaker, connect the negative side to the GND beside the digital PWM, and the positive side to another digital PWM of your choice.

Step 2: Code

The code I used for this project is here.

To customize the using time and the resting time, change the numbers shown on the images. The first picture for using time and the second one for resting time. Remember to put both time periods in milliseconds, so the 1800000 shown represents 30 minutes while 600000 represents 10 minutes.

Step 3: Put Together & Decorate

The long cable used in this project creates a better way for users to connect only the LED light bulbs to the phone stabler. To stick the light bulbs to the stabler, you could use sticky clay or tape, I chose sticky clay so there won't be leftover glues on any of the used materials. Since LED light bulbs are light, you don't need superglue or stronger alternatives to put the pieces together. The speaker doesn't need to be attached to the phone stabler but feel free to do so.

After putting the pieces together, you could choose to decorate it as you wish, whether you want to put the whole device in a box or simply hide the boards and cables behind the phone stabler.

Step 4: Start Protecting Your Eyes

From now on, using electronic devices wouldn't be the reason of your eye sight worsening. The phone stand from this project would help you limit and get hold of your device using time well!