Introduction: Vista Quest Pocket World 1 Coin Guide

Welcome the most wall-jumpinest, yo-yo bashingest and jumptastic coin hunt of your life! I'm sure if you've played through the Vista Quest Series then you're sure to wonder how to get those pesky out of the way V-Coins? Well a full victory of this game requires you to have collected all 18 Coins from each level. Here I'll be giving you a step by step approach to getting on your way to that 100% goal, starting with World 1 of the game.

What is Vista Quest Pocket you say? It's a freeware 2-D 8-bit platformer game created by SpaceYoshiX of Suits & Sandals Inc.

The game stars an unlikely hero, Vista Quest Guy, and he's off to stop a witch (who happens to be your sister) who's decided to take over a neighboring island of Coasta Vista! Yo-yo in hand and his Wall Kicking shoes on his feet, Vista Quest Guy sets off to face all the challenges to put a stop to the chaos on the once peaceful island.

Since I'm making this guide based off the idea that you've either beaten at least World 1 or that you've beaten the whole game, this is not a guide for beginners to the game.
Recommended Readers: Experienced Vista Quest Players

Step 1: Materials Needed and Controls

What you'll need is the game itself and some knowledge of it's game play mechanics, but since you came to see an optional collectible guide then you should already know this!

Stuff you gotta have:

Simple list right?


A - Jump
S - Run
Down - Yo-Yo Attac
Q - Pause
Left - Move Left
Right - Move Right
Esc - Exit Game

Step 2: 1-1 Welcome to the New Walkthrough

Starting out at level 1-1, you go through the level as you normally would until reaching a small little hill. As seen in picture 2, there are a few holes in the hill one that includes the Vista Coin!
You make your way to the right side of the hill (Warning: there's an oncoming enemy so make sure to clear him out first) and as you see in picture 3, you can walk through that wall and grab the Vista Coin as seen in picture 4.

When you've grabbed the Vista Coin you can choose to exit the level by pressing Q and selecting Exit Level. On the Level Select screen you should see a Vista Coin spinning to the right of the stage select if you got it.

Step 3: 1-2 Wall Kick to the Coin

Run through the stage as you would until you reach the cliff face that's pictured in picture 2, from there you should be able to wall kick up to the top as you would if you were going to go through the level normally.

After that don't keep heading right but face towards the opposite end of the cliff as pictured in picture 3 and jump up to that ridge. From there you should see a floating platform of blocks, jump over there and wall kick to the top to get the Vista Coin which is suspended in the air.

Caution: At the top are a line of spikes, so make sure not to over jump past the coin.

Step 4: 1-3 Rolling Stones

Jumping over the rolling rocks to get through 1-3, you'll be passing the Vista Coin with no way to seemingly get it since the blocks are transparent; that's because you'll have to back track a bit to get the coin. You should make your way to the red block switch as in picture 3.

After pressing it all the blocks that have red silhouettes will now be solid as in picture 4 (Careful: if you die or have to start the level over, these blocks will be invisible again and you'll have to find the red switch again) and so you're able to go back to the the location of the Vista Coin.

Go to the ledge and try to jump onto the red blocks, try not to jump too high or you might end up getting on top of the log platform. After getting on the red blocks you should be able to jump towards the wall with the V-Coin and wall kick back up to the top platform and exit the level.

Step 5: 1-4 Walthroughs on Timers

Time your way through the level as you normally would, until you reach the location as in picture 2. From here you've got to make sure you press down the grey switch block and then wall jump up the grey blocks that are seen to the left as in the picture. When you get to the top you should be able to jump to the top of the orange platform where the V-Coin is clearly hidden.
Simple jump to grab the V-Coin and drop down to safety.

This was the easiest coin to grab! Exit the level.

Step 6: That's the End

You're right on your way to get all the V-Coins in Vista Quest Pocket!
That was World 1 out of 3, if you want the full 100% end you need to go through 2 more worlds with just as many V-Coins.

More coming soon, hope you all found this helpful!