Introduction: Visual Organizational Board for College Students

This is a simple task management system that I've used for school and work. It's based on an organizational method called Kanban. A Kanban board is a great way for college students to keep track of projects and assignments.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Poster board (we used 2x3ft)



Sticky Notes

Task List

Ruler or Yard Stick

Step 2: Create the Columns

Create a two inch column on the left side of board.

Divide the rest of the board into three even columns.

Step 3: Create the Rows

Create a 2 inch row at the top of the board.

Divide the rest of the poster board evenly into rows.

You will need one row for each class.

Step 4: Label the Board

Label the columns To-Do, Doing, and Done.

Label the rows with your class titles.

Step 5: Write Tasks on Sticky Notes

Create one sticky note for each assignment. If the assignment is large, you may want to separate each step onto its own sticky note.

Write the due date on the bottom of each sticky note.

Step 6: Place Sticky Notes

Put the sticky notes in the To Do or Doing column based on where you are with the classwork.

Step 7: Use the Board

As you start and finish assignments, move the sticky notes into the appropriate columns.

Every week, clear the sticky notes from the “Done” column.

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