Introduction: Vitamin Water Wallet

A newer version of the previous Vitamin Water Wallet.
I got the original idea here:

Step 1: Supplies

-Card holders. Should only need one, depending on how destructive you are.
-Sissors. I used Kitchen Shears because they're sharp.
-Tape. I chose packing tape. Scotch works as well.
-Vitamin Water labels. I used six different bottles for color. 2 or 3 could work also.
-An Iron. It's possible to not use the iron, but the crease won't hold as well.
-A towel. Only need this if using the iron
-Time. The whole project takes about 20-30 minutes.

Step 2: Beginning

Cut off the binder rings and the top row of the card holder.
Make sure it's the top row, because it is a bit taller than the bottom two rows.

Step 3: More Beginning

Fold the card holder in half. Now the wallet should start to be looking like a wallet. We won't fold any further right now, we'll save that for later.
For now, start putting the wrappers in the card holders.
You will have to cut them to fit correctly.
Now, I had enough wrappers to put them inside the wallet also, to add more color.

Step 4: Middle

Now, to fold it.
This will be a tri-fold wallet.
Decide which side you want to be the inside fold, and carefully crease it on the seam.
You might have to cut off a little bit of the edge to make the fold work better.
If you have an iron, now is the time to use it.
Heat it up to low heat. 1 or 2 on the heat settings.
Hold the iron about half an inch from the edge of the fold for about 10 seconds to heat the plastic. Then quickly take the towel and press firmly on the crease. Repeat as necessary.
To make the crease even stronger, put the towel over the wallet and press firmly and quickly on it with the iron. If you hold it on too long, the plastic will melt too much and warp.

Step 5: Finish.

Now, to tape the ends. Simply take a strip of tape and carefully put it over the end of the wallet to close the ends.
You can use the pockets of the card holders to hold your I.D. or whatever else you desire.
Have fun and show off your wallet!

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