Introduction: Vodka for Safer Driving

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Don't drink and drive. Instead, pour it on the windshield for clearer vision!

I don't drink alcohol or sugar drinks, but people keep giving me bottles of booze as gifts, or the like, so I usually just give them away to other people.

But vodka is actually useful, particularly because of its ability to aid in the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

I live in Palo Alto, a city known for its abundant trees ("Palo" means "tree" and "Alto" means "tall", and the City's logo is even a tall redwood tree). My driveway happens to be right under a number of oak trees, and my car (including the windshield) gets quickly and frequently covered in tree sap (obscuring vision).

Many people have discovered that vodka has many uses including its capacity as a cleaning fluid.

And because it is so cheap in the United States (sometimes cheaper than Windex), its worth considering. And you can get it at any grocery store. And if you already have some, you don't have to hunt around for windshield washer fluid....

I actually find the best way to get the car clean is to first brush off the loose dirt, then wash with soap and water, then Windex, and finally vodka, to get rid of the soap film, etc., left by the Windex.

Step 1: Sweep Away Loose Debris Such As Leaves and Fallen Acorns

Sweep off loose leaves, tree branches, acorns, and the like.

I have a solar panel on the roof, which also needs cleaning.

Step 2: Wash With Soap and Water

The first step once all the loose debris is gone, is a nice soapy "shower".

Step 3: Wash With Windex, Especially the Windshield (and Solar Panel, If You Have One)

I find the Windex works great but leaves behind a bit of a soapy film. That bottle of vodka someone gave me will clean that up!

Step 4: Wash With Vodka

Vodka evaporates quickly and doesn't leave behind a residue. This makes it great for providing crystal clear vision through the glass, lightly.

Step 5: Vodka Also Works Great on Glass Patio Tables in the Backyard, Etc..

Be careful on the rangetop!

Make sure all the burners are off and cool!

Vodka is very flammable.

In fact it makes great fuel as well.

And it does a great job in the bathroom too!

Step 6: Three Easy Steps: Soap+water; Windex; Then Vodka

In summary, safer driving with soap, Windex, and vodka, all three of which are cheap and readily available at most grocery stores!

Seeing is believing!

Drive safely and have a Happy New Year.

And don't drink the vodka or the Windex or the soap.