Introduction: Voice Control - Arduino + Ethernet Shield (module) Wiznet

Welcome! In this tutorial I will show you how to control Arduino with your voice direct form your browser in your national language. This technology allow you to use each world language with region. For instance this tutorial will be using localization: en-US, but you can choose regions of english language, for instance en-GB, en-CA etc.

System is using Google servers for real-time voice-to-text recognition. It is fast, flexible and easy way how to use this system in your home, school, work. You can control it from anywhere in the world!

Step 1: Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino (Uno or Mega)
  • Ethernet shield Wiznet W5100 or Ethernet module W5500
  • Webserver on internet that is using HTTPS protocol and also HTTP protocol for connection from Arduino

Step 2: Webserver Services and Addons

Webserver must have:

  • HTTPS protocol (it is required for using microphone)
  • HTTP protocol (for Arduino connection, it is not supporting HTTPS)
  • Apache/Nginx for run PHP code


Try it here: HERE

Step 4: Arduino Sketch

LINKS: Click it! And Enjoy! - they are directly linked to DEMO, you can use it from that page directly to see if it is working!
Ethernet shield W5100 and Arduino UNOEthernet shield W5100 and Arduino UNO

Step 5: PHP Files for Voice Recognition to Your Webserver

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