Introduction: Voice Control Your Arduino

Recently I developed an android app to control my arduino robot. It worked out fine and now I'm a big fan of voice controlling arduino. I then searched for some instructables with voice controlled arduino and it turns out there were only a few of them out there so I decided to share this with you. If you are looking for the robot in the picture it’s my previous instructable.

What does this app do?

This app uses the voice search feature of any android phone and converts speech to text, after receiving a complete term it sends a case to the arduino and the arduino responds respectively to the the case. For example in my previous robot I programmed my arduino to arduino to respond to the case "F" and move forward. All I do now is turn on the app and say forward the app sends a case "F" to the arduino and the robot moves.

Why use this app?

Well the arduino speech recognition shield is quite expensive and this is a cheaper alternative as most of the people already have an android mobile phone.

Step 1: Things Required

We require quite a few things to build this project, so lets start with gathering the things.

Step 2: Install the App

Let's start with getting the app, well you can find it in the attachments. I don't have a Google developer account so you probably would not find it on the "Google Play Store". One advantage of my app not being on the Play Store is that it has no adds unlike many other apps you find there.

Download the app and send it to your android device, navigate and find the Bluetooth folder and find the app. Install It and click open. You may notice that it is not quite a professional app but it will do the job.

Step 3: Preparing Your Arduino

Well all you have to do is connect the Bluetooth module.

For the Bluetooth module I used HC05 which is the cheapest module I could find (on EBay). The only thing with this board is that you need to create a voltage divider as the arduino gives 5V output in its Tx pin while the HC05 accepts only 3.3 so a voltage divider is required to prevent the burning out of the board.

You Could buy this module instead if you don't want voltage dividers in your circuit.

Step 4: Code

Well for the code part you are on your own. For the voice commands leave a comment below i will modify the app to suite your requirements. For example if you make a lamp and you need it to turn ON, when you you say turn on. Just mention it in the command and you will have the app with your voice command. You can try out my robot code if you want to have a try first.

Currently the app has the following commands







"Speed up"

"Speed down"

Step 5: Updates

After you are done with the code and have the app, you are ready with your project leave a comment on what you came up with it. I'm currently working on a better app with better looks and you'll find a update here when it's done.