Introduction: Voice Controlled Home Automation - Riddhiman Munshi

This project is done by RIDDHIMAN MUNSHI , a student of

Introduction :

The idea is to create an environment in our home where , everything is controlled by Voice Commands. Gone are the days of buttons. Buttons , switches are old fashioned now , I believe. Now with Voice Commands we can control lights , fans , televisions , refrigerators , and every electrical appliances of our Home. The voice commands can be entered from our smart phone itself. That's right , thus a total wireless control system can be achieved.

Now let us get into the project.

Step 1: Materials Used :

Materials Used :

1) Ardruino Uno R3 microcontroller 2) HC-06 Bluetooth Module 3) Jumper Wires 4) Relay Modules 5) LEDs ( green and red ) 6) USB cable for Ardruino 7) Breadboard 8) Android Smartphone 10) MIT App Inventor 2 11) Adapter ( for powering the Ardruino ) 12 ) Ardruino IDE ( C++ based compiler )

Steps for Setting Up the System :
1) Connecting the Ardruino and the other parts of the system using jumper wires. 2) Programming and Uploading the Code to the Ardruino 3) Making the Android App ,with which we will control the system, using MIT app inventor 2. And then installing the app to our Android Smartphone.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram of Prototype

The connections are made as shown in the figure. This diagram is made by using a software called Fritzing. In this Prototype , I am using two LEDs ( one green and one red ) for demonstration.

Step 3: Making the Android App

The Android App is made using MIT App Inventor 2.

The first image corresponds to the Main Screen of the App. The second image corresponds to the Block Diagram of the logics used to make the app. As you can see the speech recognizer sends the recognized speech to the Ardruino for comparison and performing various tasks ( as programmed ).

Step 4: Programming the Ardruino

Programming Logic :

The logic of programming is quite easy to understand. Firstly when the app recognises the voice , it sends the results of speech recognition to the Ardruino via the HC06 BT module. The Arduino is programmed in such a way that it compares the string ,which has been received from the app, with the programmed Voice Commands and performs actions like turning the green or red on. The logics are established used IF Loops. Note : The first part of the coding is unique. It is developed by me. It is used to change the pairing password of the Bluetooth Module. Thus, after changing the pairing password , My System is Secure.

Step 5: Using Relays

Step 6: Testing the Project

The final working video is uploaded.

Check it out at