Introduction: Voice Controlled Robot Using V3 Module

This robot can be made easily by anyone ,just follow the process as i gave.This is an voice controlled robot and you can see the demo of my robot you can use it in two ways one way is by remote and other is by voice

Step 1: Required Parts for Making the Robot

To make this voice controlled robot first we need to have this materials:

1. arduino uno (we need two of them),

2. voice recognition module v3,

3. some jumper wires (male to female),

4. ht12d and ht12e transmitter and receiver,

5. two dc 12v motors,

6. 9v rechargeable battery for power supply,

7. LM298n motor driver,

8. 4 wheels.

Step 2: First We Need to Do Wiring for the Robot

We need to connect the arduino uno to the v3 module . We need to declare the rx and tx pins of our programm you can get the program after finishing of the arduino transmitter this programm tells you to record the voice which you want to say to make it move ,and you need to setup vcc to 5v and gnd connection also to run the v3 module.

Step 3: Now We Need to Connect the Ht12e Transmitter to Arduino Uno

Now we need to connect the vcc to 5v and gnd to ground,after this we need to connect the data pins to the digital pins of arduino uno board you can send upto 16 types of zeros and ones for transmitting the data you can get the code after finishing of this arduino voice transmitter

Step 4: Code

Now install the software for v3 module and link is given .Now you can get the codes above first we need to uplode the sample train code and after that open serial moniter and you can see their that they give you how to record the voice that you say .......etc,you can read that and know how to record voice,now first type train 0 to record your voice and like that you can record 80 voice commands and after this you should close serial moniter and sample train programm .Now you have to open the arduino tx code which is above and you should uplode the code and after uploding open serial moniter and you can say the voice which you have recorded to v3 module and it shows you the working of you voice.And this the tx part finishs

Step 5: Making of Recevier

Now you should connect motors to the motor driver and connect 12v pin of driver to the vin of the arduino uno board and gnd to ground ,and connect ht12d to the arduino uno and we need to connect the 5v to vcc and gnd to ground and the data pins to be connect to the digital pins of arduino board and for the program you can get it after this

Step 6: Code of Rx

Here you should uplode the code in the arduino uno board and that sit your voice controlled robot is finishied

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