Voice Recognition Made Easy - Speak to Your Arduino Serial Cable




Introduction: Voice Recognition Made Easy - Speak to Your Arduino Serial Cable

Why using voice recognition shield while you have this feature from your smartphone (Android). In this tutorial you will know how easy to use Voice Recognition to Send Voice commands to your Arduino using BlueAct app .

You may have used the voice commands before.However,the app provide other advantages:

-You can send Voice commands through Serial Cable not only through Bluetooth.This mean you can get your Arduino right away and start playing around (almost zero cost ).

-View you speech so you can be sure of what your are speaking O_O .

-You can use the delimiter feature.More about this below .

-You can get a quick help in the same action (e.g Arduino code template ) .

Lets Begin :D ..

Step 1: Parts You Need

If you are not planning to use bluetooth then all you need for this tutorial is :

- Arduino

-OTG cable



-BlueAct app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ram.mere.DoDuino

Thats all :D ... now to the last step .

Step 2: Lets Make It :D ..

We make this action easy to use just open BlueAct app add action (plus sign) then choose Voice ,connect (Serial or Bluetooth) and you are ready to go :D.

However, we thought further a little bit where you may need to know the other side (microcontroller side ) code .How to parse the string your receive and know it is finished -Delimiter-.

Delimiter is simply a specific character you choose that will be added after each speech .For example you may say led on or led 1 onor off ... etc . if you specify the delimiter lets say you chose ; and then you said led on it will be sent as led on; thus in your Arduino code you can say whenever I read ; then this is the end of speech as you will see in the code below .Here is the full Video Tutorial of how using the Voice Action.

***Arduino Code Template **

char data;

String speech;

void setup()


//Setup Configuration e.g Serial setup



void loop() // run over and over {

if (Serial.available())



if(data == ';')


//then we have all the speech

//now check whatever you want

if(speech == "motor start") {

//though the data was sent as motor start;

//for example turn on the motor


else if(speech == "off")


//though the data was sent as off;

//for example turn off the motor


//else ...etc

//reset everything



else {


// still not all speech received

//so sumup all the charactertill we reach the delimieter

//in this case the delimiter is ;




Step 3: About BlueAct App

BlueAct app is intended to be a fully framework for Arduino on mobile .The list of actions we already have it are :

-Sound Action

-SMS Action

-Vibration Action

-Voice Action

-Remote Action

-Scheduler Action

-Acceleromter Action

Please if you find this app useful rate it here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ram.mere.DoDuino

To stay up to date like our page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/BlueAct/559842377461519

if you have any issue please contact us on blueactapp@gmail.com we always happy to help you :D.

To See our last videos subscribe to our channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpkc0oKO6EdV4BpsQUkp8xw

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    7 years ago on Step 3

    you are a hero man thank you very much <3


    6 years ago

    Can i use with servos ? Thanks


    7 years ago

    Smart idea! Thanks for shearig :)