Voice Control Your PC From Your Phone (android)

Introduction: Voice Control Your PC From Your Phone (android)

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This instructable ties in with my previous instructable, 'Voice controlled PC assistant'. If you have not seen that, go there first as this 'ible builds upon the previous one: /www.instructables.com/id/Voice-controlled-PC-assistant/

This instructable will teach you how to control the assistant 'Jarvis' from your phone. Again, you need the code I have supplied in the last instructable so go there first.

Basic concept:
You will be able to use your phone as a remote microphone, so you can control Jarvis from anywhere inside your house. You will also use your phone as a remote speaker so you can hear Jarvis from anywhere inside the house. This means that you can speak to Jarvis as if it was on your phone, but also have a certain degree of control over your PC, for example, you can play/pause music coming out of your PC by saying 'play' or 'pause'.

Step 1: Downloading Apps

There are two apps you need and they are both free:

Soundwire: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.georgie.SoundWireFree
WO mic: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wo.voice&hl=en_GB

Download and install them on your phone

Step 2: Installing Software

For Soundwire: 
1. Go to this link: http://georgielabs.net/
2. Press the icon of your OS, for example I use windows 7 so I pressed the Windows icon
3. Extract and open the downloaded zip and run the application inside to install the software

WO mic is a little more difficult:
1. Go to this link: www.wirelessorange.com/womic/install.html
2. Click on the 'Client setup program' to download that file
3. Install that file
4. Download the 'driver set up program'. Make sure to click the one that matches your 32/64 bit OS
5. (These steps are included in the website but I will reiterate here:)
     Create desktop shortcut to Cmd.exe
     Right-click the Cmd.exe shortcut, and select Run as administrator
     Run this command in the cmd window: Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
     Restart your computer and you should see that it shows something like "Test Mode" on the right bottom corner of your computer      screen.
6. Run/install the 'client setup program'

Step 3: Linking the Apps and the Software

1. Ok first, open soundwire on your PC , and note the server address: It should look something like this - 192.168.x.x (where x is a            number)
2. Open Soundwire on you phone and click on the white box. Type your IP address
3. Press the square icon to connect

Try playing some music on your PC. You should hear it coming out of your phone.

For WO mic:
1. Open WO mic on your phone and press 'settings'
2. Click 'Transport', then click 'wifi'
3. Go back to the main menu and note your IP address
4. Open the WO mic software on your PC and press connection>connect>wifi, and type in your IP address

Step 4: Final Steps

Finally, right click on the sound icon in your system tray and click 'recording devices'. Then right-click on the microphone that says 'WO Mic', and set it as the default device.

Restart GlovePIE and you are good to go!!

You should be able to go into a different room, talk to Jarvis in your phone, and here it talk back to you, A list of commands is in the instructable I mentioned in step 1.

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    1 year ago

    Hi, My problem is to have Voice recognition part to stay on the phone and execution of Phthon code being on the Pc side. Windows voice recognition is not getting my voice right all the time on Windows 10 and my AI assistant is on the Android phone!how do I use Google recognize my PC talk? thanks on advence anyone?


    6 years ago

    does anybody answere these post? if not , how do we get help ?


    6 years ago

    Ok, I finally got to step 4 . I open the sound icon, but I don't see the W O MIC DEVICE. What do I do next ?


    7 years ago

    is there a way to use wo mic with linux os? such as using it with rasp pi

    Rohan Sirohia
    Rohan Sirohia

    7 years ago

    i am having a problem in connecting android phone as a mic. The mic wo mic client shows connected on the computer but no microphone appears on the system tray.