Introduction: Paper Void Dragon - Divinity: Original Sin

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It has finally happened: The Void Dragon has come to the real world!
Create your own little Void Dragon from just paper with this guide! This is my most detailed papercraft yet and it roughly costed me 2 months to complete this by gluing a few parts each evening. So patience and precision is very important! I wanted to try to create a very detailed papercraft and since I love dragons I picked the Void Dragon from Divinity: Original Sin. I exported and edited the model to make it more low poly so it is more suitable for papercraft. I adjusted the texture so it would work in the real world as the Void Dragon in-game is transparent. Here are some more details:

281 parts / 9 pages
Height: 17,7 cm / 6,96 inch
Width: 25,7 cm / 10,12 inch
Depth: 30 cm / 11,91 inch


>> Download Void Dragon - Divinity: Original Sin templates here <<

Files included:

  • PDO file
  • PDF file
  • Readme

PDO files can be opened with Pepakura Viewer/Designer


- Hover over a flap in Pepakura to see which part is connected to another.
- You can resize the papermodel (Pepakura Designer only) by going to the 2D Menu->Change Scale->Scale Factor.

Step 1: Materials

Material list:

  • Aleene's Tacky Glue (can be found at Pipoos)
  • Cutting knife/scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Black marker
  • Tweezers (optionally)
  • Paper (I would recommend 120 g/m2)
  • Printer
  • Some little stones as counterweight or double sided tape

Step 2: Print, Cut Out and Glue

  1. Print out the templates.
  2. Cut out the parts and use a black marker to hide white edges of the paper. Only use it at dark parts!
  3. Fold and glue the parts together.
    You should start with the most tiny/detailed part and that is the head (nose). Work your way towards the tail and wings. Glue it flap by flap and ring by ring. You can also cut out and directly glue one part at a time so you don't accidentally lose a (tiny) part!

    __ _ __ = valley fold

    __ __ __ = mountain fold
    You can fold using a ruler, a scissor or slightly go over it with your cutting knife.

  4. Use stones to counterweight the wings so the papercraft can stand. You can also use double sided tape under the paws to make him stand or support his tail (but that would be visible).

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