Introduction: Volkswagen Van From BTTF - Kitty Edition

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Someone better warn Doc Brown about the adorable kitty coming right for him.

This cat hideaway is just a cardboard box painted to look like the Libyans' van. The back doors are open but I found that my kitties preferred to enter and exit the van through the windows.

('Back to the Future' is property of Universal Pictures) (The Volkswagen logo is a registered trademark of Volkswagen Group)

Step 1: Supplies

Time to gather:

A large rectangular cardboard box. Mine is 15" x15" x 27 1/2"

White acrylic craft paint

Mediterranean Blue acrylic craft paint

Hot glue or double sided tape

Paint brushes

Silver duct tape or tin foil

Gold glitter Craft foam

Utility knife

Flat circle cardboard ornaments (black preferably)

Red electrical tape or sparkle tape

Yellow electrical tape

Black marker

Volkswagen emblem or VW logo cut out of paper

Step 2: Prep the Box

To create the back doors, simply cut off the top and bottom flap on one end of your box.

**Cut carefully and always cut AWAY from yourself**

Paint the entire box white (except bottom). It may take two coats of paint. Let dry.

Paint the box blue half way up on all sides (except the roof and bottom). Let dry.

Step 3: Headlights

You will need a total of four headlights.

Cut tabs off your cardboard circles to make a perfect circle to work with.

Cover the face of the circle with either silver duct tape or tin foil.

Step 4: Tail Lights

Cut out two small rectangular pieces of cardboard (approx. 1" x 3")

Wrap the top half of each piece in yellow electrical tape. Cover the bottom half in red tape.

Step 5: Other Accessories

To make the grill on the van, cut out a long rectangular piece of cardboard just a little narrower than the van front.

Paint that piece with blue craft paint. Let dry. Glue on two square of gold glitter crafting foam.

Draw out a paper emblem or use an old VW emblem for the front of your van.

Make a custom license plate for your van out of cardboard.

Step 6: Windows

Draw out approximately where you want your van's windows to be. There should be one big one on the back, three on each side and another window in the front. The windows will only be in the white portion of the van. Do not cut down into the blue portion.

Carefully cut out the holes with a utility knife.

Step 7: Glue

Hot glue (or use double sided tape) the headlights, grill, VW emblem and tail lights on the van.

Cut tabs off four more black cardboard circles and hot glue them in place for the tires.

Draw seams on the van's sides where the doors would be.

Step 8: Let's Roll

Place the van in an open area where your cats like to play. Using cat treats or catnip might help interest them even more.

This is a great play box for skittish cats since there are plenty of exits.

Enjoy watching your kitties have a ball in their new box.

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