Volkswagen Broken Car Remote Hack

Introduction: Volkswagen Broken Car Remote Hack

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A simple 3D-printable clamp designed to solve one of the problems with Volkswagen cars - meaning specifically how to fix broken enclosures of the car key remote.

It is common that the snap-fit cantilever beam holding the two enclosure halves, breaks if the remote is dropped on the floor.

Such car remotes are expensive to replace and therefore the most obvious solution is to try to repair them.

Since glueing the enclosure halves makes it difficult to replace the battery, a good solution is to opt for a non-intrusive design that holds the two halves together.

This thing is designed to 3D-print easily and act as a spring lever that holds both enclosure halves together.

The only change to the car remote is to drill a small notch on the metal-key-halve of the enclosure. Please see related images and video for reference.

Even though this is a somewhat odd 3D file which only is useful for owners of Volkswagen cars, it shows how 3D printing can be used to save money and prolong the lifespan of a defective product.



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