Introduction: Volleyball Trainer

Hello, my name is Dora and I'm a student from Kang Chiao International School. By the way, I'm a ninth grader now. In my school, which is Kang Chiao provide students multiple opportunities to attend different courses. This time Kang Chiao requires us to do an Arduino project using our creativities.

So this time I created an Arduino device called "Volleyball Trainer". This device is able to increases your skill of playing volleyball ( receiving the ball). This device mostly trains the height of the ball that you receive. For example, during a volleyball competition, a ball comes toward you, but how about if the ball you receive is too low? Your teammates won't be able to save the ball that you receive cause it's too low. But on the other hand, if the first time you receive the ball is high enough then your teammates is easier and is able to save the ball that you receive. Now, use this device to INCREASE your skill of receiving balls.

Step 1: Materials

1. Breadboard

2. Speaker x1

3. Cutting Knife/ Scissor

4. Box (11 x 29) x1

5. Jumper wires x9

6. Speaker x1

7. Power Bank x1

8. LED ( green x2 and red x2)

9. Resistor 220 ohm x1

10. Resistor 1k ohm x1

11. Thermistor x1

12. Volleyball

Step 2: Circuit Line

Now, we are going to connect our jump wires to our breadboard.

First, we are going to connect the thermistor to the breadboard. Shown at the first picture above ( Count from left). For the thermistor, I connect one of the lines to A0.

Then, connect the speaker to the breadboard, the negative part you should connect to GND, then the positive one connects to ~11.

Last, the LED part. For the green LED, I connect it to 12. For the red LED I connect into ~9.

Step 3: Code

Here is the code for my Arduino device. You can either copy the one on the bottom or reference the picture above.

Code :

Step 4: Decorate

For the box choose a box that is about (11 x 29 ) big. Then cut a hole that's about (5 x 5 ) big for the thermistor to come up. Lastly cut a hole at the top of your box ( 5x12 ) for the LED light to show up. There are also pictures above for you to see more clearly if you don't get what am I saying right now.

Step 5: Done

Now, if you follow all the step at the top you will get a " Volleyball Trainer" device!! You can click on the video upon to see how to use it and how to play with it. GOOD LUCK for increasing your volleyball skills!!