Voltage Source Inside a Gamecube

Introduction: Voltage Source Inside a Gamecube

So our first circuits project was to build a power source, so my girlfriend and i decided to build it on a gamecube and add some extras besides the power source, like a usb port to charge almost any usb-rechargable electronic.

The power source can give a voltage between 1V and 20V on the left burners, and -4V to -20V on the right burners, the max current it can output is 2A. The burners in the back are a 5V constant output for digital circuits, the switch in the back is to control what is the voltimeter on the side reading, if its up its reading the left burners and if is down it is meassuring the voltage con the right burners.

The lights on the inside only turn on when de disc tray is open, and we kept the gamecube fan for cooling the circuit.

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