Introduction: Voltaic Pile

Step 1: Materials

You will need everything in the picture.

Step 2: Make Salt Water

Pour about a teaspoon of salt into your cup and mix until salt dissolves.

Step 3: Start Pile

Place a penny on the tinfoil.

Step 4: Begin Building Pile

Soak a coffee filter piece (CFP) in salt water and place on top of penny. Next, place a washer on top of your pile and add another CPF above it. Start the process over with the penny at the top of the pile. The finished pile should use all of your pennies, washers, and CPFs. The top piece should be a washer with no CPF in top.

Step 5: Test Voltage

If you are using a multimeter, turn the knob to V--200m and put the black wire on the foil and red on top of the pile and wait for results. I got 196.0. If the numbers go haywire then stop at 1 ., then that's normal.