Introduction: Volvo C30 Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Do you want to take care of some of the minor maintenance tasks on your car?

Here's one such task that is simple in theory, but it takes a bit of insight to make it go smoothly.

We are going to replace the cabin air filter in a Volvo C30 (or S40, V50, C70).

Step 1: Get Organized

You'll need the following:

ratchet driver;
10 mm deep socket;
3" extension;
Optional - Torx T20 driver.

First, buy a new air filter. If you are not using genuine Volvo parts ensure the replacement filter is the correct size ( 8 1/4" x 9" x 1 3/8"), format (flexible) & trim (sponge weatherstripping along 2 shorter edges). I used NAPA model 9354, but it would be a bit cheaper to get one without granulated carbon (charcoal) in it.

Step 2: Get Down to It - Removing the Accelerator Pedal

(Optional: You may wish to remove some of the interior trim in order to make it easier to get at nuts, etc: (3) torx T20 head screws).

Remove accelerator (gas) pedal (3 nuts - 1 bottom & 2 top: 10 mm deep socket w/ 3" extension).

Then remove electrical connector on top right of accelerator pedal assembly (wiring harness is held by 1 clip: on top of connector, on the edge nearest the driver).

Step 3: Remove the Old Filter

Remove white plastic butterfly screw at top edge of airbox cover.

(Optional: You may wish to remove the round plastic plug (push-in / pry-out) that keeps carpet in place.)

Remove the pollen filter - it is flexible and bends easily, but it may be necessary to maneuver it behind the brake pedal. (Knowing this ahead of time will save you tremendous grief!)

Vacuum out leaves and debris from the airbox before installing the new pollen filter.

Step 4: Install the New Filter

Note the direction of air flow arrow marked on the new filter. Install with the arrow facing driver because air flows from the front of the vehicle back into the cabin. Again, carefully manoeuvre the new filter behind the brake pedal.

Optional on some models (not mine): Go ahead and check and clean the interior air temperature sensor, since it is accessible with the interior trim removed.

Reinstall airbox cover and secure with the white butterfly screw.

Reattach wiring harness to accelerator assembly and bolt to firewall.

Confirm tightness of electrical connection and bolts.

Congratulations - You can breathe easier with pollen free cabin air!

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