Introduction: Voodoo Doll Creation

A fun and therapeutic way of expressing your distaste for someone both artistically and in such a way that you may not directly bring harm upon them with your own hands.

Step 1: Before We Begin, Remember That Everything We Choose to Do Has Consequences. Only Consider Making a Voodoo Doll If You Are Truly Seeking Justice. There Is Always a Chance That the Bad Karma You Inflict Upon Someone Could Come Back Full Circle.

Step 2:

Here are the supplies you will need: a) a bag of cotton balls b) a plane piece of cotton fabric. 18" x 45” Plain is better because you can decorate it yourself later. c) a yard of plain yarn d) a strand of hair from your victim e) a needle for old fashioned torture f) a stapler. g) you may choose to get a black magic marker and other cloth for clothing if you choose for eyes and such. The importance is the hair and the anger you put inside the doll. There is nothing required other than the basic cloth for it to work although you may find it more fun and exciting to make the doll look similarly to your enemy.

Step 3:

Lets begin with the steps. a) fold your cloth in half twice from the long direction.b) Draw and outline a very basic human figure. That is...two arms and two legs and a nice circular head. Remember that the drawing should be somewhat larger than the doll will actually be. Try and draw it so that the legs are spread some and that there is room near the crotch. c) Cut out the figure carefully. d) Once it is cut out you are going to want to staple all of the edges except the crotch region. e) Now you should now have an almost enclosed figure. Take the strand of hair from your victim and place it with in a clump of cotton balls. Start stuffing the doll from the crotch up to the head. Make sure you fill in the arms and legs gently without removing the staples. Try and place a denser amount of cotton in the head. Take a piece of rope and tie it across the neck of the doll and once you are done stuffing it, staple it shut. The ropes significance is to bulk out the head a little and also inflict more torture.

Step 4: Now for the Fun Part. Draw on Some Eyes and Hair. the Rest Is Up to You. Take Some Pins and Stab the Heck Out of It. You Can Even Take the Excess Rope and Make a Noose So That It Can Be Hung From the Closet Over Night.