Introduction: Voodoo Shooter (Project Billy)

Ever wanted to move a little voodoo doll and actually see things happen? You can now make it for yourself.

This instructable shows how to use an Arduino along with the program Processing and a handmade doll to play a little shooter using a voodoo doll as a controller.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

An Arduino (any type or size will work)

A small rotary knob

A small button

Three LED-lights

Several wires, preferable in different colours

Wood or other material of choice, to make the doll with

Iron wire

A computer

Processing and the Arduino software

Step 2: How to Connect the Wires

The way to connect the wires is shown in the picture above.

Step 3: How to Build the Game

To make the game work you will need to do a couple of things.

First off, you'll need the Arduino software which can be downloaded from, then go to File>Examples>Firmata>StandardFirmata and upload the StandardFirmata to your Arduino.

Next, you'll need to download Processing from, and go to Sketch>Import Library>Add Library. You will have to add the following libraries: Minim and Arduino (Firmata). These will enable you to play sounds and connect Processing to your Arduino.

The last step is to download the code file from this page and unzip it in your processing folder.

Step 4: How to Build the Voodoo Doll (Billy)

First off, you'll need a good design. You could just use mine, which is visible above, or you could design your own voodoo doll. What you need to keep in mind is that there are a couple of vital elements that should fit inside the doll. For example, the rotary knob should fit inside the shoulder and connect with the gun arm, and the button should be at the end of its hand. The two LED lights inside its eyes and the LED inside its gun are not necessary for it to work, but add to the effect. (you could scare people with a voodoo with bright red eyes, for example)

When using my design, you'll need to make some holes that are big enough for certain parts to fit through. For example, the rotary knob should fit through one of the shoulders and one of the shooting arms, and the wires can be either fit through a hip (concealed by a lasso) or move out of the voodoo somewhere else. The neck should be hollow, as the eyes should connect to the body. You'll probably have to solder your wires to your parts to ensure it works well. To make sure the rotary knob properly turns when the arm is moved, you can use strong glue or a piece of iron wire fit through to make it turn.

Step 5: Enjoy the Game!

Connect all the wires to the Arduino, plug the Arduino into the computer, and run the game.

(if the arm moves weirdly with your voodoo you can edit the formula on line 91 of the main file)