Introduction: Votive Candle Holder Into Whiskey Tumbler

Have a few old, wax-splattered votive candle holders lying around? Tiny as they are, do they nonetheless add to the clutter of your kitchen cabinet or closet? Are they caked with melted wax and dirt, as aesthetically unpleasing as they are functionally useless? Here's a quick way to empty and clean your used votive candle holders so they can be "transformed" into simple but totally satisfactory whiskey tumblers.

Step 1: What You'll Need

What You'll Need:

• Used Votive Candle Holder(s)
• Blunt Knife
• Working Freezer
• Running Water
• Dish Soap
• Whiskey of Your Choice

Step 2: Removing Candle Gunk

Wax that has melted and hardened is especially difficult to remove. However it is easier to remove candle gunk from votive candle holders, usually made of glass, than it is to remove wax from, lets say, a carpet or clothing. The best way I've found for removing hardened candle splatter from glass is to freeze the votive in question. Freezing the votive, and the wax within it, will cause the hardened wax to become very brittle, after which it is much easier to break apart and remove.

Step 3: Removing Candle Gunk, Pt. 2

Once sufficiently frozen, run the the dull edge of a butter knife along the interior rim of the votive, making sure to un-stick any and all wax splatter. The wax, frozen and brittle, should break away in large chunks.

Step 4: Cleaning the Votive

Give the now empty votive candle holder a good wash and rinse, making sure now residual wax remains.

Then allow the candle holder to dry.

Step 5: Pour the Whiskey

Once the votive candle holder is dry, and no trace of the old, dirty, hardened wax remains, take the whiskey of your choice, and pour yourself a slug. Take a cautionary sip, making sure to feel for any raised surfaces that may indicate residual wax. Once confident the glass is cleared of its waxy past, pour another nice slug of whisky, and enjoy.