Introduction: WALL-E

Remember, back in 2009, there came a film about a robot saving the world. These days it is a pretty common topic but then I am sure it was not. Anyways, it has been 11 years since WALL-E has debuted but he still holds a special place in our hearts. I mean, look at it, how can you refuse those innocuous eyes.

Today, we will make a WALL-E box. The box where you can hide your Halloween candies in plain sight. Because WALL-E my friend will never betray you.

Let's get rolling!

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Thank you for your patience.


  • Cardboard (thick- those packaging ones)
  • Cardboard (thin- like pizza boxes ones)
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Chart paper (yellow, black and grey)
  • Red and Black sketch pens
  • Small piece of white paper
  • Poster/Acrylic Paints (black)
  • Fevicol
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tape
  • Cubical box with a lid (optional but very helpful)
  • Some rubber bands

NOTE: Remove all the tape cuttings present on your cardboard.

Step 1: BODY

The main body of WALL-E is basically a box with a lid.

So, I will provide you with dimensions of the box and a link here so that it is easier for you. Cut the cardboard carefully. I have assumed that your thicker cardboard is 0.2cm thick so check its thickness beforehand to avoid any variations. In simple words, to make a perfect box.

I am really sorry that I cannot make a template for you. I would if knew how to so I would be really glad if any of you could just tell me about it.


Box - 10X10X10cm

Lid- 11.5x11.5x4cm (lxbxh)

Step 2: WHEELS

The wheels are basically pyramid but one-sided and with round edges. It is quite easy but you need to be careful that you don't bend the triangles.


Rectangular strip- 28.5x5cm

Each side is 9.5cm long.

Triangular piece- 9.5x9.5x9.5cm (somewhat)

As long as your triangle base is almost as long as the cube's side, it will be fine.

PRO TIP: Don't join them right now because later we will paste some paper on it. Don't repeat the mistake I did.


The hand is to but simply is a cylinder with ends. Be careful when you roll them and I had used the thicker cardboard for it because it is easier. Use tape to join the ends.

Make four circles that should be big enough to cover the ends of the cylinders.

Well, your arms are ready.

Now, we are going to make arms. I mean you can't have a handless WALL-E, right?

So take the thicker cardboard and copy the drawing I have made above.

Well for neck it is just a cuboid with no ends. Use the thin cardboard for it.


Cylinder- 8.5cm long

Circle- 2cm in diameter(approx)

Hands are tagged on the image.

Step 4: EYES (the Most Important!!!)

If you ever look at WALL-E, notice how its eye bright up its look. How innocent does it look? So, be really careful when you this. It is basically teardrop shaped. Look closely at it.

You can use my scanned image for the same.

Using the thinner cardboard cut two circles that almost cover the eye (refer pics.)

Then, we will make a box which is cuboid but with slight alterations. I have written them on pics because I really can't explain them well. So, do have a look.

Now, we are going to make the thing that is wrapped around WALL-E's eyes. This is simple. Don't repeat my rookie mistake that was that I had joined them and then pasted the paper, which will not make it look pretty. Paste the paper then paste it. (We'll discuss that later in detail)


Eye wrappers:15.5-16cm long, 4cm wide

Eye box: 13cm long (total)

The rest details are tagged.


Take your respective chart paper and cut it accordingly for the parts. Refer the photo for the parts.

Take a white sheet of paper and cut two rectangles of 7x1cm. Take your black sketch pen and draw stripes on it.

On a sheet of paper, using a red sketch pen draw a circle. The circle should be about 1.5cm in diameter. Colour it as shown in the pic.

Also, once you have pasted the paper on the lid draw the details now because it will be easier for you.

Plus, since your box and lid is ready, why not cover their inside with grey paper. I mean, give WALL-E some respect. And it looks better.


Take your hot gun to assemble all the parts now. Refer to the photo.

PS Take a small triangular piece of thermocol so that the eyes are stable on the neck.


Now, on front draw the WALL-E in the WALL-E font. Be careful, that the font size is consistent with E you made earlier.

Also the lines at top of it. Look at the pics. Don't forget to tape the edges to avoid the tearing of paper.

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