WAMP Alias/ Prepros/ and Hello World Webpage Tutorial

Introduction: WAMP Alias/ Prepros/ and Hello World Webpage Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through the process of creating an index.php file, being able to run the php file on a local server, and being able to dynamically update the page in a browser using Prepros.

Step 1:

Go to the folder where wamp is and search for the www directory.

Usually, if you have not changed the directory location upon install, it will be here... c:/wamp/www/

Step 2:

In this directory, create a folder, or add a folder of you choice

If you add a folder, make sure the file that you would like to launch is named index.php

Step 3:

If there is no file in the folder, create an index.php file.

For tutorial purposes, write the following lines of code below to see "Hello World" upon execution

Step 4:

Left click on the upward carrot (^) on the taskbar.

Step 5:

Left click on the wamp icon

Step 6:

Click on Apache --> Alias directories --> + Add an alias

Step 7:

Follow directions on the command screen

Step 8:

Open Prepros and drag in file.

Step 9:

Click More Options --> Project Options

Step 10:

Click the "Live Preview Custom Server" box

Step 11:

Type in the server url into the box that pops up.

This url was created in Step 7. For example, for the example above, it is http://localhost/testone

Step 12:

Click "Save Options"

Step 13:

Click on "Live Preview" --> Open Live Preview

Hello World should appear in the browser.

Now, whenever you edit the page and save it, the browser will automatically be updated.
Watch the video for more clarity...

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5 years ago

nice work i also made same tutorial i hope you will like it

you should put your code into php file make helloworld.php file
<br>and put in wamp www folder and run with wamp server.<br>
for hello world program in php just follow this tutorial<br>
before that you should have wamp server or xamp server on your
pc<br>(wamp/xmap are open source software's and easily can found
on google)<br>
your 1st php program code:-

echo "hello world";

hello world

after this tutorial you can able to move other intermediate level programs of php.