Introduction: WAN-II Stool

This stool is created for the second TenkaizuBudoukai workshop.
Participants have to create stools with limited amount of materials.

Structural features of this stool are the rigid body and the smooth contact surface.
The body of the stool has waffle structure to support body weights.
The top of the stool is a solid timber in order to cover the grids of the waffle structure.

The name of the stool stands for shapes from top and lateral views.
A sitting dog is on the top panel. "WAN" is sound of a dogs' bark in Japanese. That is the same pronunciation as one.
"II" is the shape of the stool from a lateral view. This is because this is the second workshop of TenkaizuBudoukai.

Height: 402.5mm
Width: 350mm
Length: 350mm

1. Cut each MDF sheet into six pieces whose sizes are 600mm * 450mm.
2. Cut parts in PDF files out of MDF sheets with a laser cutting machine.
3. Build a stool according to the numbers printed on the parts.
3-1. Parts have IDs such as Y-2, Z-5 and Z-10-2.
3-2. Parts are divided into the Y group and the Z group. Parts in the Y group are connected with those in the Z group, and vise versa.
3-3. Chases of parts has numbers such as 1,2 and 3.
3-3. Assemble parts according to the IDs and Chase numbers as follows: The chase #2 of Z-8 are connected with the chase #8 of Y-2.
4. Attach a top panel on the body of the stool. Chases of the top panel are connected with connectors in Z parts.
5. Finished.

MDF 2.5mm 1820mm * 910mm 2 sheets

Laser cutting machine with 813 mm * 457 mm work area
Software: 123D Design > 123D Make > Illustrator

Stool workshop: