Introduction: WASHING SOAP by Using Kitchen Waste OIL

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WASHING SOAP made by using kitchen waste oil. we can washing soap much more simple and easy at home.

The ingredient we need for making washing soap

1. kitchen waste oil

2.caustic soda

3.sodium silicate


5.smell and color essense board of other utilities

Step 1: Step 1 Mixing Caustic Soda With Water

The first step is we need to mix caustic soda with water about 6 hours minimum

we need to take 1 liter of water in a bucket or other utility and add caustic soda into it .

for the dilution of caustic soda with water it will took 6 hours minimum

Step 2: Step 2 Mixing All Other Ingredients

After 6 hours process ,we need to mix caustic soda with other ingredients .

at first we need to mix sodium silicate

and the we need to add kitchen waste oil about 1 liter

and then the gel component

mixing this ingredients with caustic soda solution about 20 minute continuously

Step 3: Step 3 Mixing Video

now it is a important step to mix the ingredints

at first we need to mix kitchen waste oil 1 liter into caustic soda solution

and we add sodium silicate powder with the solution also the gel .

after that mix it well about 20 minutes continuously making into dry paste

and we need to mix color and smell liquid with it

after that pour it on to the cardboard or other utility for 1 week

after 1 week it will become a dried solid rough substance and we can cut into piece according to different shape and size as we requires

recycling the kitchen waste oil into soap and reusing

Step 4: Step 4 Cutting

After one week we need to cut this dried solution into different shape as we require

washing soap can be made as much easy by using kitchen waste oil. we are recycling waste oil into usable product . by using we can make other usable soap products .

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