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First of all many thanks to Mr. Paul Alcock for writing code & helping me.

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Now a days we are facing an issue that is our municipal corporation doesn’t provide
water supply at fix time. To solve this problem we have made a device which gives notification on our smartphone regarding water supply. It also gives information such as water flow rate & how much water we consume . This device can be used as water leakage system by using two water flow sensors.

We can also control any external appliances like Pump from anywhere over the internet. In this project we have used Blynk App. Blynk is application which provides us dashboard as well as connectivity. you can download it from google play store (for Android).& app store (for apple).

If you don't know how use Blynk please read this getting started tutorials

Step 1: Requirements


1) Nodemcu wifi module.

2) Liquid flow rate sensor

3)Relay Module

4) Switch Board


1) Latest Arduino IDE

2) Blynk (Application)

3)Blynk library

Step 2: App Setup

Download And install Blynk app.

create new account .

NOTE - For this project 4600 energy points are required make sure you have enough energy points.(On new account Blynk gives 2000 free energy points)

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Step 3: Hardware Setup

Connect Vcc and Gnd of sensor to Nodemcu, and the signal line to Nodemcu D2.

Connect Vcc and Gnd of Relay module to Nodemcu, and the control pin to Nodemcu D3.

NodeMCU D2--->Sensore pin

NodeMCU D3 ---> Relay Module

as shown in picture fixed everything in switch board.

Step 4: Uploading Sketch to Wifi Module(Nodemcu)

most complicated part of this project is coding wifi module.

Many thanks to Mr. Paul Alcock for writing code & helping me.

you can Download the sketch from this link.

upload this code to your wifi module.


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