Introduction: WATERORGAN

In these instuctable we will show you how we would make a organ that uses water for the sound.

These are drawings that we have created in Siemens NX.

Step 1: NEEDS

If you want to make the waterorgan you need:

  1. Steel pipes (diameter: 20 mm & 25 mm)
  2. buzz saw (metal)
  3. meranti wood
  4. wood glue
  5. black perspex
  6. cutting machine (metal)
  7. sheet metal (steel)
  8. Tec7
  9. water hose
  10. PVC pipe (diameter: 100 mm, length: 1000)
  11. glue gun
  12. waterpump


The parts that are used for the housing of the organ are made out of perspex. The front, the sides and the back are transparant. We are making this transparant so you can see inside of it, because it is a nice view from the water that is spinning around. The bottom plate is made of black perspex.

  • Bottom plate: for this we need a black perspex plate (thickness = 20, height = 520, length = 1000). There are holes in the plate so the water don't stay on it and will be catched in a tank.
  • Side plates: transparant perspex (thickness = 20, height = 500 , length = 500). In these plates there are 2 holes. In the big hole we will put the tube where the water will come through. The smal hole is for a little shaft. The little hole is not in the middle of the plate.
  • Front: also transparant perspex. The thickness is 20mm, the length is 1000mm, the maximum height is 750. Here you can use a typical form of a organ.
  • Back plate: transparant perspex (thickness = 20, height = 200, length = 960).

All of these parts will be made with the laser cutter and will be assembled using a glue gun.


This consists of multiple parts. The material we uses is meranti wood.

The triangle part and 7 cubes. The cubes will be placed on the triangle from big to small (like stairs). The biggest cube has a thickness of 56 mm and the smallest has a thickness of 14 mm. All of the 7 cubes have a length of 120 mm.

We put all of this together and now you can put the glass on it.

The reasen we assemble the glass in an angle is that the water wil not stay in the glass. So the sound will not be muted.

Because of the different sizes the glass will each have a different sound.

If all these parts are assembled than you put it on the back plate of the organ using Tec7.

  • You can use different things instead of glass.


For this we need a little hollow shaft where we will put on the firing pins. The shaft has a length of 1000 mm and a diameter of 20 mm. The material of this is steal. You can cut these with a buzz saw.

The slats have a thickness of 2 mm, a length of 200 mm, a width of 35 mm and is made out of steal. At the end of the slats we will put a little spike. This spike will be hitting the glass.

Beneath the slats we attach a tubule (steal) where the hoolow shaft will go through. The slats en the tubules will attached to each other by welding.

Step 5: THE TUBE

The tube is made of trasparant PVC. It has a length of 1000 mm and a diameter of 100 mm. on each side of the tube we put a round plate. We attach these to the tube with the glue gun.

One of these plates has a hole in it. This hole is for the water hose.

The other one has a diameter of 120 mm and there are recesses in it. These recesses serve to attach the handle.

In the tube we will drill holes with a diameter of 2 mm. You have to do this with a good pattern. The possitions of the holes are important for the kind of song you will play. (there is a limit for the kind of song of course)


First of all we need to cut a piece of sheet metal in the right shape. So it is a circle with a diameter of 100 mm and the thickness is 2 mm.

There are 3 protuberances who are positioned at 120° from each other. These 3 protuberances will be bended. So now you can attach it to the tube.

The other 2 parts that are used will be made out of meranti wood.

  • The cylindrical part can be made by the lathe. If the shape is correct you can scour and varnish it.

  • The other part has a thickness of 10 mm. there is a hole in it where you can put the cylindrical form through. The diameter for that is 20 mm.
  • For these 2 parts we use wood glue to connect.

Now we attach the sheet metal to the wooden parts using Tec7.

The handle clicks on the tube. So you can change the tube (song) but only uses 1 handle.


This box is a box you can buy in the shop. The dimensions of this are up to you. It depends on the load of water you want to use.

In this box there is a pump that pumps the water into the tube.

In the box there is a hole for putting the water hose through.

You place the organ on the box connect the pump to the tube and you are ready to go.