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In this instructable ill show you this experiment in wich we can regulate the electric current in a simple way. I call it an experiment as I don't recommend anyone to use it cause of the high electrical risk and it can release toxic gases over time. I was wondering in how to regulate the speed of my old drill and thats why i made it.

This project is inspired by TKOR (RIP):

I used a tiny 300 grams ice cream container as I'm not going to draw a lot of current and for the lever i used a leg from a desktop mic stand as it is perfect for this.

You can regulate it from WATLESS to WATTER.


Plastic container with lid

Plastic tube ir stick (fo the lever)

Wire (mine is spt-2)

Female and male plug connector



Hotglue gun (with hotglue)


Soldering iron (used to open a hole for the nail)



Diagonal pliers

Step 1: Make the Lever

Mark the center of the lid and put the plastic tube on top, mark a square so the lever fit on it and carefully cut the square with the scalpel.

Put the tube on the hole and decide where you want to leave it to mark the hole for the nail.

I used an old iron solder tip to open the hole on the plastic tube as it is about the same diameter of the nail, use the scalpel to clean the melt sides of the plastic.

Cross the nail trough the lever (i used i tiny piece of paper between cause it was a bit loose), place it on the lid and glue it. Make sure it moves right when it is cold.

Step 2: Connections

Put the lid and move the lever to see the place where it makes contact with the wall of the container and mark it.

Glue a wire inside the container on the place we marked and make a hole on the lid for it, dont glue it so we can open and close it.

Glue other wire on the lever, make a hole on the lid and glue the wire through, make sure you can move the lever freely.

Connect one of the wires from the container to one of the sides of the male connector and the other wire to one sides of the female connector. then connect the other side from the connectors together (please check the diagram).

I marked the lowest point of the lever as "-" and the highest as "WATTER".

Step 3: How to Use It

Add water to the container, we have to add some electrolyte as tap water dont conduce than much electricity. I added a small amount of salt (you can also use soap) try using different amounts, it will depend on the gap between the contacts.

Place the lever on low and connect your power and load (in my case an old drill), start rising the lever and see how the power output increase.

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