Introduction: WHITE LAMP

I decided to make a white lamp because the space where I am going to use it, looks very organic and clean.
The spotlight also buy it white and the light Too, since it gives better visibility at night

Step 1:

Buy a piece of MDF, with measure of 35cm x 35cm

Draw a lamp shape with this measurement:

long- 33cm
top width- 13.5cm
middle width- 24cm
bottom width- 7.5cm

Then cut the shape with an electric jig or a table jig,
with the one that makes it easier for you

We also need a piece of MDF with measure of
6.5cm x 24cm for the base


electric jig /table jig

Step 2:

Measure the circle depending on the metal socket
of the light bulb you will use

Mark two circles of 2cm in the middle with a distance
of 3.5cm

Then cut the three holes you marked with the bench drill,
off course the circle of the lamp shape, have a measure
of 4cm of diameter and the two circles have a measure of
2cm of diameter

bench drill

Step 3:

Mark a rectangle with a measure of 2cm x 7.5cm,
starting from the center, then with the electric jig
cut it from circle to circle

electric jig

Step 4:

Sand the two pieces you have, specially the edges
to make them sooth

Round the edges just a little, you can do it with
hand sandpaper or with a router

for you to go straight add a piece of wood inside
the sandpaper


sandpaper/ router

Step 5:

To seal the pieces we will put two layers of glue
with diluted water to make it more watery

We will put a layer and let it dry and then add the
other, on both sides of the piece

For the edges we will only apply a layer and only
glue without water


glue- white or yellow

Step 6:

With a softer sandpaper we will rub the pieces specially
in the edges, to remove the texture that the glue left

the edges changed a lot with the sanding, so we will seal
them again, but this time with glue diluted with water

softer sandpaper
glue- white or yellow

Step 7:

We will give 3 layers of white paint, of course waiting
for each one to dry very well so that it does not look
The edges were half chopped, so I sanded them and
as it fell a little color I gave them two more passes of paint

The pieces were shiny so I didn't need to varnish

white spray paint
softer sandpaper

Step 8:

For the back of the lamp I will put a clamp only with
a drill and under pressure with my hand, this is to
hold the cable that will be hanging

I will also add the socket from behind the hole I made at the
beginning and also add the light bulb in front

light bulb

Step 9:

This is how our lamp looks as I decided that everything
was white, the light is also white for better visibility at night

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