Introduction: WII/DVD Player Compact Setup

About: I am 11 years old. I like to draw and design stuff like go karts, gaming setups, and tree houses.

I don't actually have a Wii or a DVD player but I have been drawing designs for both for a few years. This setup is to keep things compact, simple, and fun. This is best for noobs, parents who want to help their kid out, or just curious people who want ideas.


- Wii console
- DVD player

- Wii stand

- Wii AV cable or Wii 2 HDMI+HDMI cable

- stereo aux cable

- output cable for DVD player

- power cables for the DVD player, Wii, and the monitor

- TV or monitor with inputs for all the cables

- 4 cube storage organizer (or 6 cube for extra space)

- Triple outlet splitter

- Wiimote charger (optional)

Step 1: Get an Organizer

The 4 cube organizer is what you will put everything into and onto. They cost $50-$200. make sure there is no back walls so you can run cables behind it. Buy it any color you want. Just make sure it is the color you want your stuff to be on. CHOOSE CAREFULLY! YOU DON'T WANT YOUR SETUP TO LOOK UGLY!!! ):p

Step 2: Add Wii, DVD Player, and Screen

Get your Wii and DVD player. Put them in the spot where it shows on the picture above. get the power cords and plug them into the Wii and the DVD player. Plug screen, Wii, and DVD player into the triple outlet speaker. Don't plug in the triple splitter yet, We'll do that when we are done.

Step 3: Audio/Video Cables for the Wii

Now for the graphics. With the AV cable it's pretty simple. All you have to do is plug the wide black end into the Wii and the colorful ones into the back of the screen. Make sure you match up the colors right or it won't work. With the Wii 2 HDMI, you have to plug it into the Wii, plug the HDMI cable into it, and plug the other end into the back of the screen. Then you have to get the AUX cable, plug one end into the back of the screen, and the other end into the Wii 2 HDMI adapter.

Step 4: Audio/Video Cables for the DVD Player

If you can use HDMI for this part, then it is recommended. Just plug one end into ETC...

Pick whatever cable you want. You still may need to use an AUX cable.

Step 5: Almost Done

Put your discs in the spot the pic shows above. If you are using rechargeable batteries, get a charger dock. put it in the spot where the pic says. If you are using disposable batteries, have a box of some. IT WOULD BE BAD IF YOUR REMOTE DIED IN THE MIDDLE OF WINNING YOUR FAVORITE GAME. TAKE MY ADVICE. ;)

Step 6: YOU'RE DONE!!!!!!!

Plug everything in. Press the source button on your screen or on the TV remote to switch the input. This way you can switch between your DVD player or your Wii. Your hard work has now paid off. GOOD JOB!!!!!!

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