Introduction: Love Meter - Micro:Bit

For this tutorial, you will be creating a "love meter" with the Microbit. This is a fairly easy activity, it only requires a little bit of code and no wiring. Once completed, two people will grab each end of the Microbit and a number between 1 and 10 will display indicating the level of "love" between the two.



-Micro USB cable


-Alligator Clips


Step 1: Start New Project

From home screen, select New Project and name it "Love Meter".

Step 2: Add on Pin Pressed Block

From the input category, drag an "on pin pressed" block to the space on the right. Make sure it says "on pin (P0) pressed"

Step 3: Display Numbers to the Screen

In the basic category, drag the block "show number" into the "on pin pressed" block

Step 4: Generate Random Number

Under the math category, drag a "pick random" block to the slot within the "show number" block (the slot should show 0 as default). When dragging the pick random block, a red dot should appear, hover it over the slot from show number until a second red dot appears.

Step 5: Display Words

From the basic category, drag a "show string" into the "on started" block. Inside the slot of the show string, type "Love Meter".

Step 6: Plug in and Download

Use micro USB cable to connect microbit to the computer. Select Download at the bottom left of the screen and move the downloaded file to the microbit.

Step 7: Plug in Battery

Step 8: Attaching Alligator Clips

Attach 2 alligator clips to the 0 and Ground ends of the microbit. With two people, each holding a different end of the alligator clips, touch fingers and a number should display on the screen.

Step 9: Optional: Text Code

If you would like, you can copy this

Step 10: Here Are Video Instructions If You Prefer That! :)