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Fits in Hand with Comfort, Warmth and Pleasant to Hold..

Releasing psychic energy.. With the multiple user crystal color assertive tips guide ;

  • .~GREEN == Healing Energy
  • ..~~BLUE == Calm Soul Meditative
  • .~~~RED == Active, Wish
  • GOLDEN == Path Safety, Protection
  • PURPLE == Loving and Shield Energy
  • .~WHITE == Astral Reveal


This Rock (first pic) started out as an unadorned geode that you might kick away as trash in a dirt road if you were not the Rock_Hound type !

This one was cracked and reformed with Agate (SiO2) silicone dioxide by forces off nature long ago..

You can recognize Agate by the flowing colinear translucent lines (see 3d & last pic) which under microscope are thousands of lines.. A hollow Agate geode with a Quartz inner ring is provided for reference..

Anyway the forming Agate, also called chalcedony is 7 on the hardness scale like Quartz and under the 10 of Diamond. Then re-stabilized the whole geode and refilled most of the inside.. Until I cut it, surprisingly in two by some instinct, which revealed the beak feature suggesting the best natural side and base cuts using a water cooled thin diamond rotary saw..

Then tumbled in a drum for a month to smooth the rounded edges and semi lustrous condition..


Slotting the Geode Remanent involves using a flex shaft variable power grinder (see Last two pictures).

To grind a well placed LED hole in the translucent Agate and a deep wide slot to accept a standard 3 volt battery.

Step 3: What Is Needed to Work on Geode Agates


Working with Geode Agate or Quartz is more Art then a cook book creation, nature does not produce identical stones. Similar rocks maybe, but each Agate or Quartz will have strong variations.

The Agate and Quartz crystal is made up from silicone dioxide. One of the most common minerals found on earth.

I get my Geodes from Rock_Shows and Stores because it is too much trouble and cost for me to travel for many hours and miles to dig for them..


  1. You should join the local gem club or mineral society in your town to gain know-how and gain access to lapidary equipment including thin diamond saws and watered grinding facilities.
  2. Probably the most useful tool is a $1 red laser from the Dollar Store. Very useful in identifying the range of translucent Agate or Quartz. . Get yourself four or five, test them before buy..
  3. Harbor Freight sells a most excellent flexible shaft collet bit holding grinder tool with foot pedal.. See pictures..
  4. Harbor Freight also sells a large selection of metal diamond impregnated bits.
  5. Safety glasses are a must.
  6. Close-up magnifying visor also from Harbor Freight
  7. A medium metal file and sand paper to make the LED shape fit the situation and rough the surface to cause light to spill out the sides when needed.
  8. Also a Strong work light maybe a spot light...

For The Electronics

  1. A 3 volt round Lithium Cell Battery..
  2. A five / ten pack of Slow Color change two wire LEDs
  3. TIP For $4.50 you can get a Battery and Rainbow LED Kit here =>

Circuit Diagram

You will not need a circuit diagram, just put the LED across the battery if it does not sling colors just turn the battery over.. See two pictures with LED and Battery lighting the slot..


Back Ground Information

"When in it's purest form, quartz crystals are clear and resemble frozen water".

"In the past, quartz was used for trade and worship; revered by the American Indians, Tibetan Monks, Druid priests and many primitive and civilized people during all of mankind's history".

During the war quartz was used for it's electrical resonance properties to tune radios.. Today the Piezo energy is used to power watches. Found in areas where hot brine solutions rise up from deep in the earth, the 2 most common locations are Hot Springs, Arkansas and Brazil. Here in Reno there is a Crystal Peak 45 minutes out of town..

Step 4: Active Grinding Plain Rock Hard Agate

No CNC Here,

Every Cut (Grind) reveals different options on how to proceed.

Don't try to do this one handed like the show pictures, sometime I really could have used a third hand.

Did I mention the Agate is hard?

As HARD as a 9 out of 10 = which is a Diamond..

How long did it take ?

About three weeks doing two or three hours on nights I had time to work until my back pain forced me to stop.

Total was about 30 to 40 hours while destroying thirteen diamond grind bits.. These bits are reasonably available at Harbor Freight stores..Yes this is the first kind with a Battery.. If I come across a cool geode there will be an orientation gravity switch included. So that putting it on display will turn it ON and lay it on its side will shut it off..

Step 5: Adding a Push Battery Out Hole

I had to add, that access hole (second pic) to push the battery out with that orange awl tool..

Which has been shortened and rounded for ease and safety..

Before the push out hole it was necessary to use the sharp awl to catch the edge of the coin cell and pry the battery out, in multi steps.. With enough bloody fingers, I finally decided to spend 2 hrs to drill that hole and used up three diamond grind bits because that shaft goes through Hard Agate as is evident.. Works very well and no blood !


A closing Video of a solid Geode that was well liked (enough that it was taken from my table tool box!)

The process of making it involves tumbling about seven weeks and drilling a hole to accept an RGB LED..

And if you recognize the mini motor worm gear drive rotating the rock, a very useful multi tool made by Lego.

Thanks for watching.. I will be glad to answer your comments..

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