Introduction: WITCH Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Witch Halloween makeup tutorial

Step 1: Skin.

1. I use green face paint and apply it to my face and neck.

2. I use black face paint and I do shadows to my nose and cheeks.

Step 2: Wrinkles.

You should watch the video that you can really see how I do this part but...

I draw lines to my skin with black eye pencil (where I want to do wrinkles) and I fade them out with brush, I do little tapping to fade them, not rubbing.

Step 3: Moles and Eye Shadow.

I just draw little dots to get moles.

I draw nose lines and fade them out, this makes my nose look longer.

I do my eye lines with black eye pencil and fade them out with brush

Step 4: Lips

I paint my lips with black eye pencil

I made the line look sharper with green face paint.

I do little shadow to my chin with pen and fade it out

Step 5: Eyebrows, Shadows and Wrinkles

Draw eye brows

Draw wrinkles and fade them out (tap)

Use white pencil to draw lights to wrinkles

Fade out the eye brow lines and draw little lines (hairs) to eye brows.

Do shadows to your chin.

Step 6: Wig

Put your wig on and also witch hat, and we are ready! :-)

Step 7: Done!

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