Introduction: WOOD TABLE LAMP

This is a quick and simple project that anyone can do. Add warmth to your home by putting this Vintage wood table lamp 2 lights in your living room, kitchen or children's bedroom. Once you put Edson’s lamp, you'll start critiquing every other lighting fixture in the house. The light's unique design will change the way you think about illuminating a room.

Let’s do it!


- A block of wood 290 x 90 x 70mm (WxDxH)

- Two Light sockets

- One Heavy Duty Toggle Switch DPDT On-Off-On

- Two Edison Light Bulbs

- 1.5m of electrical parallel cable, 1.5mm2

- 1 male power plug

- Two wood screws

- One Pc 5mm Silver Chrome Metal LED Bezel Panel Display

- Wood Finish (Whatever wood finish you prefer - I used mineral oil and wax)

Step 1: Draw Your Project

The most important phase in one project, in my opinion, is to draw your thoughts on paper.
You have a project idea that feels right. This is the beginning. Sketch it out! It only takes a few seconds, and it gets the idea out of your head. Now sketch some more ideas. You won’t know whether your first idea is the best until you explore others.
After two sketches.... It's alive, it's alive!! : )

Step 2: Finding the Wood Block

I have some wood blocks available, and the best dimensions I found to my design is a wood block with 290 x 90 x 70 mm.

Step 3: Drilling

The dimensions I used it's written in the sketch. To drill the holes to accommodate the sockets I used a drill bit of 35mm. I made two holes (4mm) in each socket hole to pass the cables. For the switch I used two drill bits, 12mm and 35mm. This is the most critical part of this project. I use a guide to control the drilling deep. Drill with 12mm on the top (20mm deep it's ok). So I drilled the bottom with 35mm using the same center line. I like to leave around 8mm of thickness and if necessary I can adjust according the switch. Dig one channel with 8mm connecting the switch hole with the two socket holes, in order to accommodate the cables.

Step 4: Finishing

Many woodworkers turn to oil and wax finishes for their first attempt at finishing, and for good reason. They are easy to apply, give almost foolproof results, require no applicators beyond a rag and leave wood looking both rich and natural.

To apply an oil finish, flood it onto the wood, adding extra to keep the surface wet in areas where the oil is quickly absorbed. After 10 minutes, wipe off everything that has not been absorbed. For a smoother, richer finish, repeat the process, this time sanding the oily wood with fine wet-and-dry sandpaper. This will create a slurry of oil and wood dust, filling tiny pores and leaving the surface even smoother.

Step 5: Wiring Diagram

In my table lamp I decided to wire as showed in the circuit 1. Both lights ON if toggle is left or right and OFF if toggle is in the middle position. But I design a second option where you can turn ON only one light or both. It's up to you!

Note: remember, electricity can kill you. Be careful!!

Step 6: Putting All Together

Connect the cables following your circuit, hold the socket in the wood using a wood screw and install the switch and power plug. Just it!

Now install your favorite Edison lamp and enjoy your light fixture!

See you soon
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