Introduction: WOODEN CROSS

In this Instruct-able I am going to show you how to make a wooden cross

Step 1: Getting the Peices

First, you're going to need a 10 inch peice of wood and a 12 inch piece of wood relatively skinny but it can be whatever width. Also, you can get any size piece of wood to use for a base, To cut them, I would recommend using a circle saw to cut the wood.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Next, you have to match up the cross where you want the shorter piece to be, then you trace those lines with a pencil before you cut. Then, you cut into the wood but not all the way through on the longer piece and semi through on the shorter piece so you can make it stick together with glue and or screws or nails.

Step 3: Putting the Pieces Together

Once you've cut the pieces of wood, you can stick the two pieces together using wood glue, and you can also use screws to make sure the pieces are stuck together. Once they are you are ready to make the base.

Step 4: The Base

Once you have a flat piece of wood you want to use as the base, you can drill a screw into the bottom and drill a hole into the cross to screw the screw from the base into the bottom. Once they're stuck together the cross will be able to spin and rotate 360 degrees on the base.

Step 5: Burning a Design Into It

This option is optional, but if you want to burn a design into the base or any part of the cross you're going to need a wood burner. It can be any type of wood burner just be careful if the wood is sensitive. You basically just use it like a pencil and then hold down longer for a darker design.

Step 6: Staining

This is the last step. All you need is a simple can of varnish and some newspaper and a brush. It takes a few hours to try but just paint over the whole thing and use another coat if needed. MAKE SURE TO WAIT TILL THE WOODBURNING IS DONE TO STAIN IT. Then, it will take a few hours to dry and your cross is done.