Introduction: WOPR

This is my WOPR tribute to the movie wargames. This is my new media player / home theater pc (htpc)for my living room hooked up to a 47" led tv..

this has a working leds , itx motherboard, wireless keyboard and mouse in one,hdmi out and looks great.

Step 1: The Begining

here is the first step I did, a simple image to start.

this is where I started to get my list together

leds,lots of leds, red and yellow

pc mother board, cpu , memory etc...

a way to control the leds

what type of material to build with.

also fans and some switches.

ok then here I go!!

Step 2: Making the Box or Wopr Bodymost This Will Pictures

first off let me say I used precut strips of wood.

for example the sides were 5 1/2 and 1 1/2 and 1 which would be about 8 inches in width

Step 3: Adding the Parts

here is the exhaust fan for the pc and the lcd screen testing for fit.

Step 4: The Leds Panels

here are some pics of the led panels I made.

the second to last one is the finished set with the video of them working.

Step 5: Led Panels in Place

here are some images of the leds and the lcd in place.

Step 6: Painting

here is the painted WOPR I think the green is close to original.

Step 7: The Fun Really Begins With the Electronics

these images are of the finished project showing the inside.

the motherboard is a ECS H61H2-I with 2g memory and Intel G2030 cpu with a Corsair 60g ssd drive

the main led controller is a Canakit UK580 8 channel/20 program multifunction dc light chaser

the rest of the leds stay on all the time.

there is two pc power supplies in there one for the pc other for the leds.

Step 8: Here Are a Few Videos of It Working

the switches are for the pc on, led on, flashing leds on, exhaust fan'

the wireless keyboard is a Logitech k400r with built in touch pad

the lcd is using lcd smartie on a windows xp os. I am trying to get openelec xbmc to work with the usb lcd which is a 20x4 line type. it is from sure-electronics through ebay

youtube link

another link just the leds flashing

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