Introduction: (WORK IN PROGRESS) Balance Board With Arduino Components to Track Your Balance and Improve With Technology.

For this project you'll need:

- Arduino I choose Arduino NANO because of the limited space I have in the balance board.

- 6 Axes accelerometer and gyro. (mine is the MPU-6050).

- Bluetooth or wireless connection (I've used bluetooth model HC-05).

- Breadboard (not essential but it helps).

- Battery.

- Wires, connectors, resistors and welder when needed.

- One Balance board (like the one in the photo).

Step 1: Making Arduino NANO (Driver CH340) Visible to Arduino IDE:

(You can skip this step if it's your Arduino is visible in the tools>port.)

-For this step you need to download drivers, simply google "ch340 driver os x".

-Open and install the drivers and quit-reopen the Arduino IDE.

-Now in the tools menu you should get (one you choose the right board and processor) in the port menu a device with the name like this "cu.wch ch341 USB=>RS232 1410".

-Open the terminal and enter this command: "sudo ln -s /dev/cu.wch\ ch341\ USB\=\>RS232\ 1410 /dev/cu.USB42" this creates a link that is needed because the Arduino IDE does not support the spaces in the name of the port.

-Now you can choose the new name of the port in the tools>port menu and if you didn't change my terminal command should be "/dev/cu.USB42".

-Upload an example form the IDE File>Example so see if the Arduino is fully working.

Step 2: Connecting Arduino and MPU-6050

Quite easy step:
MPU6050 - Arduino pin

INT - Digital pin 2

VCC - 5V


SLC - A5

SDA - A4

Step 3: Connecting Arduino and HC-05

Easy step #2:

HC-05 - Arduino pin

VCC - 5V


TX - Digital pin 4

RX - Digital pin 5 (look at the image to change voltage from 5v to 3.3v)