Introduction: WTF Sticking Out of Trunk Redux

Wait, is that....nah. Here is a delightful twist on the fake hand or foot sticking out of the car trunk ploy for all to enjoy.

If blood and gore is not your Halloween kind of thing, this is just as sick.

I thought I had run over something. So I put the car in reverse and there was the second thump...

This is fast and easy to make and can probably be adapted for any body or character.

Step 1: Getting Scrappy...

This is similar to my Wonderful World Draft Stopper except it is made a little bigger.

You will need a few socks to upcycle.

Some fabric scraps in the colors you want to make the clothes or accessories.

You need some stuffing to fill out the body parts. I used a bit of the usual polyester fiberfill to stuff the shoe. A length of foam pipe insulation serves as the arm or leg.

A sewing machine or serger makes easy work of putting it together but you can hand sew it if you need to.

CAUTION: Sewing needles are sharp. And so are scissors. Keep your wits about you.

Step 2: Going Out on a Limb...

To make a limb, just take a sock and use it as a long tube.

Stuff it with a length of foam pipe insulation. The one for 1/2 inch diameter pipes looked about right for what I needed. You can get thicker pieces of insulation for bigger pipes or bulk it up with additional fiberfill padding if desired.

Serge or sew the open end of the sock to enclose the piece of pipe insulation.

The gloved hand is made by taking advantage of the preformed cuff on the a sock.

Cut off and round off the cuff portion of the sock by sewing with the sock flipped inside out. When you turn it back out, the finished seam will be smooth. Cut sections of the remaining sock to cover and bulk up the sewn section so you don't have to stuff it later.

Flip the sewn hand section inside out. Sew in 3 finger division lines.

Fun fact: most cartoony characters only have 3 or four fingers.

Use a permanent marker to add the glove markings if desired. You can also glue on some black felt stripes if you are only allowed to use crayons.

You should be able to stuff the end of an "arm" tube into the open end of the hand section. Sew or hot glue in place to permanently attach the parts.

Step 3: Put a Step in It...

The shoe was all done freeform.

Sew an oval of double layered fabric.

Cut a hole for where the "leg" fits in.

Create a double layer cuff that fits the hole opening.

Sew around the hole opening to attach the cuff.

Flip inside out to have the finished seams on the outside.

Stuff the front and a bit of the heel with fiberfill stuffing.

Insert the "leg" and sew or hot glue in place.

Just fold over a piece of red fabric and seam to make a fabric tube.

Slip over the top part of the leg to create the look of a pair of shorts.

Step 4: Gear It Up...

If you want to make Robot:

Make a hand just like before. The finger division stitches will be straighter and a bit longer.

To get a flat look for the sleeve, cut out your base yellow fabric to form the arm tube.

Cut in two places where we will splice in the black fabric stripes.

Just sew or serge to join all the pieces of fabric together.

Seam along the length to create the arm tube.

Seam along the bottom cuff with the hand section to join it to the arm.

Stuff with fiberfill.

Seam off the end to enclose the stuffing.

They are now ready to place..


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