WW2 German Mine Sign

Introduction: WW2 German Mine Sign

Whether you are a World War II enthusiast or just need a prop for a movie this Instructable is for you! I will show you how to make a vintage looking WW II German Sign with the German phrase "ACHTUNG MINEN" which means "CARFUL MINES."

Just watch where you step....

Step 1: Supplies Needed

For this Instructable you will need;

1.) Letter Stencils
2.) 1 Fence Post
3.) Black Spray Paint
4.) 4 or more Screws
5.) Tape Measure
6.) Screw Driver
7.) Saw

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

First, measure off and cut two pieces from your fence post at 18 5/8 "

Important! Work cut your pieces from the opposite side of the tip of the fence post. This way you can attach your signs to the remaining wood and hammer it into the ground.

Step 3: Spray Painting

Next gather your the letters for the words "Achtung Minen" remember you can use the stencils more than once after spray painting them.

Then, lay out your letters out, to make sure your sign isn't lopsided.

After that, take all the letters beside "A" off and place a piece of scrap to the left and right of your letter so you won't paint any other part of the board.

Now spray paint your stencil and repeat for each letter.

IMPORTANT! Be sure anytime you are spray painting to be in well ventilated area! Also, it would be best to wear gloves and a mask.

Step 4: Admire Work and Continue Spray Painting

Now stand back and admire your work! Remember even if some paint went where it wasn't expose to it's no big problem! Do your best and forget the rest! That's one thing about making vintage world war replicas is because it usually adds to the realism and rustic look if you mess up!

Next lay out your letters for the word "MINEN" on the next piece of wood and repeat spray painting.

Step 5: Screw Pieces

Now your ready to screw the pieces of the sign to the left offer fence post and use it as a ground stake.

You can attach it any way you'd like but I just flipped my pieces over and put two screws into each of them. Be sure your screws are shorter than your sign and post (stake) combined. That way the screws don't poke out the front.

Step 6: Finished!

Your all finished! Now all that you have to do is place your sign any place you want! I personally think it looks best at the edge of a field or near a fence.

Feel free to leave a comment, question, or a picture of your finished project!

Have fun and be safe! God bless!

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