Introduction: WW2 History Learner

Hi guys! So for my computer class this year we were tasked with creating some kind of electronic device to show what we have learned in the class. I am one of the people who love history of WW2, so I decided to make a device that can help people learn history with using an Arduino Leonardo. The device I made, its play is similar to kahoot, but the difference is that it comes with a game console. My topics are all based on the history of World War II. Of course, you can also modify the topics and options yourself. I only hope that this device will be helpful to those who like the history of World War II and those who love this machine.


Material :




Arduino Leonardo
Tin wires


Electric soldering iron

Needle nose pliers Hot melt glue

Step 1: Connect the Wires

Connect the wires, bottoms, and resistances like the picture.

Step 2: Arduino Sketch

Step 3: Materialvenger, Assemble!

1. Dig five holes on your box and Stuffed the bottom into the hole

2. Put your breadboard inside the box 3. Piece them together

3. Piece them together