Introduction: Wacky Walking Sticks

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This Instructable is brought to you by my 7 year old son. (His very first one)

He loves walking sticks and he loves making them wacky even more. When he saw that there was an Outdoor related contest he said “Dad I need to do an Instructable of my walking sticks”.

He will spend hours working on walking sticks. (So will his sister)

We make walking sticks almost at every camping outing and even in the backyard.

Get acrylic paint from your local dollar store and the rest is free.

We frequently will make sticks then leave them at a campsite for others to find. I am sure some kids out there think that they found a treasure.

We even will make them and leave them for someone who was nice to us around the camp ground.

This outdoor project is fun safe and rewarding and super kid friendly.

We hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Use Your Imagination...

There are sticks everywhere, for free!

You can even find sticks in your yard waste pile.

You can paint them, sand them smooth, carve them, and even stain them. We make walking sticks, staffs and canes.

The following steps will be brought to you by my 7 year old son. He will show you his steps to make a painted walking stick that we cut out of our garden during pruning.

Step 2: Get Your Paints On...

Get your paints at your local Dollar store. This kit cost 2$ and the paint lasts very well.

Step 3: Have Your Parents Peel the Bark Off Your Stick.

We like to find hard wood, like Maple, Oak and Birch, but any old stick will do. If you can find a natural feature like a 90 degree angle or a cool knot even better.

You can use the shavings to help start your campfire later.

Step 4: Paint Your Stick Any Way You Wish.

Using your paints, paint any design that you wish.

Leave a space for your hand, it will help keep your hand clean and your stick looking great for a long time.

Step 5: Just Have Fun!

There are no rules when it comes to making walking sticks.

Just do whatever comes to mind.

We hope that this Instructable will help you have some fun the next time you go camping or just need a fun project in your back yard.

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