Introduction: Waiting for Godot or Spooky Tree for Halloween

This tree was apart of the set for Waiting for Godot. It can also be used for a fantastic Halloween Display.

Step 1: Materials

Plywood or OSB board
Shelf Braces
14 Gauge Wire
Cup Hooks
Masking Tape
PVC Pipe (Size to suit your need)
A Variety of Fabrics
A tree Branch or Two

Step 2: Foundations

Using shelf braces attach the PVC Pipe to a base that will be suitably stable for the size of your tree. (2'X2' base will not support an 8' tree)

Step 3: More Foundation

Attach cup hooks or Screw eyes to the pipe and base. String wire between at an angle. This does nothing structurally, it will create the trunk shape when the fabric is layered over.

It is not pretty but this is a process.

Step 4: Selecting the Branches

Find branches that will fit the look you are wanting. Insert the branch into the pipe and secure it by screws from the outside.

Step 5: Curly Ends

Now if you are like me and you are wanting those Tim Burton classic creepy curls you are going to have to extend the branches with something flexible. I used 14 gauge wire.

Step 6: Prep the Wires

I like to bulk the wires up with masking tape. This helps the draping fabric adhere as well.

Again not aesthetically pleasing but it will be soon.

Step 7: Get Messy

Grab your rubber gloves!

   Here is where the fabric and paint come in. I used different fabrics so my tree would have lots of textures. (Plus I had a bunch of scraps. This is a great opportunity for recycling old clothes that are beyond donating.)

   Dip the fabric right into the paint. Be sure it it saturated but ring off most of the excess. Start draping from the base up. I use heavier fabric on the base (Canvas) and lighter on the way up the trunk and into the branches (Cottons and Lycra).

Just worry about getting the shape right now. When the paint dries it will act as primer for the final coats and be rigid enough to hold the shape.

Step 8: Begin Basic Color Scheme

Now that your tree is dry, If you are doing Waiting for Godot (A show about symbiosis) it is a good idea to make your base color for each section different but in the same family.

If it's for Halloween, fit the color to your display. Make it glow in the dark if you like.

Step 9: Final Touches


With a sponge, smear a dark paint (Black or dark brown) over the entire surface. This ties the whole piece together by bringing out all the details in the fabric. And gives that eerie Bosch/Dali look that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Thank for checking it out!