Introduction: Wake Up !!!

This Project is to wake people up. There are many people who couldn't wake up from the alarm, so this project is to help those people to wake up easily and quickly. The project used servomotor and photoresistor when the lights on the photoresistor sensor and the servomotor start to move and wake people up. This project is really helpful for people who easily catch up on sleep.

Step 1: Prepare Material

1. Arduino Leonardo board ×1

2. Servomotor ×1

3. Photoresistor ×1

4. laptop ×1

5. USB cable ×1

6. Jumper wires ×12

7. Arduino Leonardo board ×1

8. Resistor ×1

Step 2: Connecting Servomotor

Careful: Don't make the servomotor spin too fast and carry a heavy load on the back. The servomotor will broked.

Step 3: Connecting Photoresistor

Make sure that the wire connect to the right Place. (positive or negative)

Step 4: Code

Step 5: Upload Your Code

You're DONE!!!!