Introduction: Wake Skate Jig - Step One of Making a Wake Skate.

Making a simple jig to make a wake skate.

UPDATE: Wake skate construction here:

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

This project requires cutting lengths of wood of just over 1m in length. Power tools are recommended but for the more patient of wood workers hand tools will suffice.
I used a band saw, circular (table) saw, hand saw, belt sander, electric plane drill press and an electric screwdriver. You will need some screws and nails and wood glue.

Step 2: Design

I did some research on the web using the following sites:

And following some links on those sites.

I decided on what I believe to be a two stage rocker with dimensions of the board being 1000mm in length 375mm width and 174 tip and tail width with an approximate 50mm rocker. I took an image off the web to scale up and copy. I will be adding in my own unique style to the deck.

As you can see from my rough sketch this is the profile that must be transferred to the plank.

Step 3: Sketch Transferred to the Plank.

Transfer your chosen design to the plank.

Just to confirm, I have never ridden a wake skate, so these measurements are guesses. feel free to experiment. (make sure you put some wicked graff on the board in case it is a flop you can hang it on your wall!)

Step 4: Cut Out the Profile

Cut out the profile using your band saw or hand saw. Sand it down and round the edges. Notice the vertical lines drawn at the apex of where the lines meet. You will use these to mark where to drill holes for screws.
Drill holes for screws.

Step 5: Make the Ribs.

Measure the heights of the vertical lines drawn at the apex as mentioned earlier. They will be slightly different to your sketch because you need to sand down those 'corners". Use these heights for the widths of your ribs. the lengths depend on what you want your final boards width to be. In my case 375mm must be the total width of your jig (+/- 5mm). You can only measure these after the two side profile pieces have been made because it depends on the thickness of timber used. Sand and round the ribs.

Step 6: Assembly.

Drill holes in the sides. Counter sink them. Now hammer and glue the ribs to the one side profile.Make sure that the ribs are flush with the curved bit of your side profile pieces because this is the shape your wake skate will take. Use only one nail. Now drill through the original holes into the ribs. Screw two screws per rib. Do the same for the other side.

You are done.

Next I will document the making of the board.