Introduction: Walk Quietly With Wet Shoes- Get Rid of That Annoying Squeak

When it rains, sometimes the shoes you wear are rather squeaky inside, on flooring such as lineoleum, which can be ratherr bothersome. But fear not! for there is a cure for your squeaky shoes, in fact several, which can be found in this instructable.

Step 1: Wipe Your Feet on a Rug

rather obvious, but nonetheless effective. Rugs are found in front of many doors, so this should be the easiest way to quiet your shoes.

Step 2: Change the Way You Walk

this is a more complex way of silencing your shoes, and involves placing all your weight on your heel, rather than on the middle/front of your shoe. This will minimize sliding, which causes the shoe to squeak.

Step 3: Don't Drag Your Feet

Dragging your feet will cause the sole of your shoe to rub against the ground, and will cause it to squeak when it is wet.