Introduction: Walker Scooter Aid

Martin suffers from MS, this especially in his legs. Because of this has Martin troubles with walking. He’s legs are unstable and for short distances does he use his walker, for long distances he uses an electric scooter.

However, when he makes such a translocation, his walker can’t go with. Then Martin has to use his walking stick which causes a huge fall risk. The question was to create an aid that carries the walker when driving the scooter.

Step 1: Problem Solving

This is a small video of the solution for the main problem. The end of the video (1:55) shows you what we want you to accomplish.

Step 2: Gather Information

It's very important to know what you are working with. Search this information in the manual of the scooter and the walker. These pictures are some examples of how it can look like.

Step 3: NOTE!

This design is not possible on any scooter!

Step 4: Gather the Needed Materials

You need :

- old bike picture 1

- steel square pipe 25x25x280 (mm) picture 2

-shelf holder (2 pieces) picture 3

Step 5:

Step 6: Saw the Pieces

In the picture above a bike with some highlighted pieces.These are the pieces you need. Make sure you saw them correctly.

Saw the pieces from:

- Handlebar

- Chassis

- Fork

- Handlebar headset

- Seat post

NOTE: After you sewed all the pieces make sure there are no sharp edges!

Step 7:

Picture 1: Saw the pipe from the seat post at 120mm. The diameter of this pipe depends on the type of bike. Cut a notch with a diameter A (diameter A depends on the type of scooter) at the bottom of the pipe.

Picture 2: Make 2 of these pieces out of the 2 shelf holders. This piece has to be 170mm long. Make a notch in the middle of the holder with a diameter of 26mm.

Step 8: Welding

Weld all the parts together. Before you weld everything together, measure everything twice.

Step 9: Paint

Paint the project if want you don't want it to rust.