Introduction: Walking a Barrel

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This is a little skill I taught myself one slow-paced summer.  This little trick is quite the crowd pleaser (even if you fall off), it is also a fun way to transport barrels from one place to the other.

Step 1: Materials

What’s Needed:

Barrel, Particularly a Metal One

Flat Expanse of Land Clear of Debris


Step 2: Can You Walk a Barrel and Chew Gum at the Same Time?

First place your foot against the barrel, but don't let it roll away when you do.  Now scrunch your knee of the leg that has the foot placed on the barrel.

Step 3: Hop, Stand, Don't Jump Off!

Now put your hand down on the barrel and push off with the foot that is still on the ground.  Now try to stand on the center of the barrel in the middle.  Try to keep your balance.

Step 4: Reverse, Reverse!!!

Now start to slowly walk backwards, no matter how much you want to walk forwards, Don't!!!  By doing this you're only going to start falling forward, then you're body will try to run and this will only result in a belly flop to the ground.  You'll just need to practice walking it. 

Step 5: Dismount... or Fall Off. You're Choice.

If you start to loose you're balance, place you're feet like you would walking backwards, just don't take them off the barrel and keep them on the barrel.  When you're feet are no longer touching the barrel, quickly move you're feet parallel with the ground.  Land on the ground like you would coming in after a jump.  Be prepared for the barrel to hit the back of you're legs after you land.  No matter what, DO NOT JUMP OFF!!!  By doing this, the barrel will only roll out from underneath you quickly, resulting in a belly flop to the ground.

Step 6: Finish

Now you've learned how to walk a barrel.  Now granted you will fall off.  When I first learned how to walk a barrel I never really fell off of it, I did however learn how to get off the barrel safely.  Now almost every time I've done this I've done it on dirt or grass, this way I have a softer landing.  I will not be responsible for ANY damages that come about by the usage of this Instructable.  Please leave a comment.