Introduction: Walkman Ipod Case - DIY

This is my old Sony Walkman Sport. It took me everywhere since high school. When i traveled to japan years ago i heard of some people putting the "new" iPod in them. So i kept mine thinking i would do that as a project one day. I also saved foam from some packaging for another type of electronic.

Its not that i have lots of time.. but i figured it would be good for my creative soul to finally get it off my mind! And its a great way to re-purpose something that was going to be recycled.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Step 1.  Ingredients list...

1. Sony Walkman sport : gut it except for the headset jack and its electronic board.
2. iPod (of any kind or generation, even the phone)
3. enough dense packing foam that can be cut to fit the walkman
4. Glue or adhesive
5. Old headsets you don't mind cutting up.
6. Soldering gun and Solder
7. Tweezers
8. Marker

Step 2: Putting It All Together

Step 2.

 - Gut the Sony Walkman, leaving the headset jack and electronic board in tack.
 - Cut foam to fit snuggly into the bottom of the Walkman (use layers of foam if you can, makes it easier to cut the next step)
 - Trace the iPod onto the foam (should be similar thickness to iPod), Cut it out with a pair of scissors. this will keep the iPod from moving around. Glue this piece onto the bottom piece.
 - Solder the headset wires to the headset jack board. L on Left, R on right and G on the Ground (white wire). To be sure it was working, i had my head set plugged in the Walkman and the cut off piece plugged into the iPod...this allowed me to hear when i made the right connections.

Step 3: One Safe and Sound IPod

Step 3.

- I added a piece of foam on the top cover to hold the ipod in place when closed.

Finished product: I can plut two sets of headsets into the walkman while the walkman is plugged into the ipod.

Now its safe from thieves for the beach, the boat, and all kinds of things you wouldn't normally want your ipod to get exposed to.