Introduction: Wall Climbing Suction Cup

The minute I saw "Mythbusters: The Search" I knew I had to make this. I had a limited amount of supplies and not a lot of time to go and get materials so I had to work with what I had.

Step 1: Materials

-1 2'x6' of 1'' board

-2 vacumes

-2 mousetraps

-1 2x4

-Pvc caulking


-Bolts and nuts

Step 2: Tools

-A cutting tool(I used a sawsaw)

-caulking gun

-drill or drill press

Step 3: Cut Your Board

All you have to do is cut a circle in the wood. The size of the circle is directly proportional to your weight. I weigh 150 lb and my circle is about 1 1/2' in diameter.

Step 4: Attach Your Foot Rest and Handle

The most important part of this step is making sure that the screws don't break through your circle. this will result in a loss of pressure.Your handle can be anything. Make a L shape at the bottom so you can rest your foot on it

Step 5: Drill Your Holes in the Circle

There needs to be two holes in the circle. One for the release valve and one for the hose.

Step 6: Attach Your Hose

All there is to this step is stick the hose in the hole and caulk around it for an airtight seal.

Step 7: Add the Release Valve

There are many ways to make a release valve. If you want to go find one on the internet, be my guest. I just used a plastic mouse trap with a circular piece of a sanding block on the end.

Step 8: Add the Vacuums

Just hook up the vacuums any way possible. Since all vacuums are different I cant tell you how to do this one. just make sure its airtight. Make sure you keep the on/off button.

Step 9: Add Gasket

For maximum suction, you need to add a gasket. I used a septic tank gasket and glued it onto my circle

Step 10: Add Foot Clamp

This allows you to lift up the suction cup with your feet as well as your hands. This could be anything from a zip tie to a boot screwed into it.

Step 11: Repeat

Repeat steps 3-10 for the second one. Stick the two vacuums in a backpack and plug them in. Now you're ready to scale a wall.

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